Illustrations by Richard Watkins / AJC

An AJC National Investigation

Patients violated,
doctors rehabilitated

Doctors who sexually abuse patients go to therapy and then return to practice

After medical regulators said he fondled patients, exposed himself and traded drugs for sex, Dr. David Pavlakovic easily could have lost his license. Law enforcement thought his acts were criminal. Instead of losing his job, Pavlakovic was placed in therapy. He was allowed to return to practice. And he didn’t even have to tell his patients. Continue reading

No report, no justice

Police action not always a consequence of doctor sex abuse

Her doctor was making her uncomfortable. He wouldn’t explain why she needed a breast exam. He didn’t give her a gown. He just told her to lie back and lift up her blouse. Continue reading

Illness or a crime?: More from this investigative series

State secrets

How doctors’ sexual violations are hidden from patients.