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Part 1: License to betray

License to betray: A broken system forgives doctors in every state

How common is doctor sex abuse?

Journalist's discovery in Georgia sparked AJC's national investigation

Video: When a system is broken, 'I can't trust those in power'

Video: Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor Kevin Riley talks about this project

Repeat Ga. offender still licensed to treat patients

Video: Despite problems over 3 decades, doctor still practicing in Metro Atlanta

Reputation no indicator of likelihood to offend

High-profile doctors who sexually abused their patients

Here are the excuses offered by doctors caught in the act

Video: Actual excuses from the records

Profession condemns abuse, but resists solutions

Not a new problem: Earlier coverage of doctor sexual abuse

Video: The lasting impact sexual abuse has on victims

Dangerous doctors, flawed data

Fact-checking the National Practitioner Data Bank

Repeat offenders often targeted vulnerable patients

Video:  How the AJC got hard-to-find information on problems with doctors

Cases and stories from across the nation

In Texas, 17 patients claim abuse, but doctor still practices

How a small town brought sex-abusing doctor to justice

Video:  Winning 'detective lottery' in a small Ohio town

A radio show’s discussion leads to arrest of DeKalb Co. pediatrician

How an undercover GBI agent posed as a patient to catch abusive doctor

Video: Former undercover agent talks about how she helped nab sexually abusive doctor

Video: How a radio show led to pediatrician’s arrest

Resources for patients

What are safe protocols for full physical exams?

During breast exams, what are the proper protocols?

Patients may find it difficult to learn if their doctor has been accused

If you have been sexually abused by your doctor, here's what you should know

Part 2: Illness or a crime

Patients violated, doctors rehabilitated: Abusers go to therapy, return to practice

Yoga, time with horses among therapies for doctors who violated patients

6 ways sexually abusive doctors may be restricted when they return to practice

Ga. doctor is leading advocate for rehabilitation.

No report, no justice: Doctors slip through cracks as regulators fail to notify police

Some doctors still practice after being arrested

Psychiatrist manipulated women into sex with tales of witchcraft

Video: Woman abused by Kentucky doctor comes forward, and others follow

Part 3: State Secrets

System shields abusive doctors nationwide, leaving patients in the dark about troubled past

From kidnapper to doctor: Patients unaware of physician’s notorious crime

Gaps, cloaks and barriers: Why it’s so difficult to learn about your doctor's tarnished record

Video: Gynecologist with Piedmont Healthcare answers questions about what should happen in an exam room

Part 4: Failing Grades

We grade every state on how well it protects patients

State-by-state analysis shows faulty framework, dangerous gaps

Convicted Georgia doctor goes to prison, but now is allowed to practice again

Video: ʻPimp with a prescription pad’: The story of Dr. Dekle

Part 5: Hurt that doesn’t heal

In their own words: 6 women, 6 stories of pain

Prestige protects even the most abusive doctors

’A stuporous nightmare’: Abused and sterilized by her doctor

Atlantan says the hospital believed its doctor instead of his victims

AJC Doctors & Sex Abuse investigation sparks improved patient protection

Video: ʻA voice for the victims’: Atlanta woman’s battle in Wisconsin

Part 6: Still forgiven

Still forgiven, no reform

He was caught on video, but Georgia doctor kept his medical license

Doctors cut deals for sex crimes

How we got this story

Updates and News

Feb. 2, 2018: Did Georgia go easy on a dangerous doctor?

Jan. 30, 2018: Ex-con Georgia doctor may have committed his last crime

Oct. 17, 2017: Former medical examiner Joe Burton charged in drugs-for-sex case

Sept. 6, 2017: More murders and new sex charged added in case against Clayton County psychiatrist

Aug. 24, 2017: Georgia doctor fails polygraph on sex with patients 

Aug. 1, 2017: Georgia doctor’s license suspended in sexual misconduct case

June 21, 2017: With brief statement, GA. medical board ends sex abuse study

June 5, 2017: AMA tackles sex abuse – of doctors, by doctors

Dec. 28, 2016: Some moms accusing doctor of groping say he violated kids, too

Oct. 19, 2016: Sex abuse allegations: Can you believe these women?

Oct. 3, 2016: Multiple rape charges not enough to stop doctor from practicing

Sept. 30, 2016: Doctor told police his patients were witches, years before alleged sex abuse

Sept 26, 2016: Meeting a doctor who kidnapped a college kid

Sept.1, 2016: Atlanta doctor accused of molesting a boy 32 years ago in Boston

Aug. 29, 2016: If they weren’t doctors, some sex abusers might be facing police

July 19, 2016: Georgia medical board to review sexual misconduct cases

July 12, 2016: Reaction to series: Change needed now

July 8, 2016: More on why numbers can’t tell the whole story

July 6, 2016: Parallels between church scandal and doctors sex-abuse investigation

July 6, 2016: AJC investigation featured on ‘Good Morning America’

From other news organizations

Former Cleveland Clinic doctor on leave due to sexual assault allegations reacts to similar accusations against estranged identical twin

Parents of Nassar victims protest at MSU trustees meeting

Former Capital Health doctor charged with patient sex assaults

Little Rock doctor arrested in sex case agrees not to practice medicine until case resolved

State asked to revoke medical licenses of Santa Cruz brain surgeon accused of child rape

Patients sue Florida doc accused of sexual assaults during coloscopies 

Redding doctor faces 50 felonies in teen sex case 

Naperville doctor accused of sexually abusing patients pleads guilty to felony battery charges 

Fertility doctor who spent the past 40 years impregnating women with his own sperm without them knowing is spared jail 

Kingsville doctor accused of sexual assault arrested again 

Former Pine Ridge pediatrician facing new child sexual abuse charges in Montana 

Bail revoked for Corpus Christi doctor accused of sexual assault 

Additional charges certified against Albemarle doctor accused of sexually assaulting patients 

Records reveal hospital debate over sexual misconduct allegations

Miss. board to study whether legislation is needed to strengthen patient protection

Illinois regulators say psychiatrist sexually abused patients, overprescribed drugs

$1 million bond set for ex-USA Gymnastics doctor accused of sexual assault

Oregon doctor with history of complaints charged with sexually abusing two patients

Connecticut physician is charged with sexual assault of a male patient

West Virginia physician charged with sexual abuse of minor

Pediatrician in Pa. arrested on child pornography charges

Ala. doctor, 81, facing sexual abuse, child pornography charges

Suspended Pa. doctor takes plea deal in child sex abuse case

How Texas failed to protect boys from a doctor at a state facility

North Georgia doctor sexually abused patients, but still practicing

Florida allows doctors accused of sex abuse to keep working

Flaws in Ohio system allow disciplined doctors to keep practicing

Dayton physician exposed his genitals to children, others for years